as a child, I spent my summers picking tomatoes on my family's farm in southern bulgaria. when i moved to the united states, i realized my elementary school classmates ate nuggets with ketchup for lunch without knowing ketchup was made of tomatoes.




american public school lunches are subpar when compared to other first world countries. negative eating habits develop young age and stay persistent throughout adulthood. that might explain why the united states has one of the highest obesity rates. 


a program by Lowe’s, to introduce public schools in america to the principles of sustainable agriculture, by providing educators with comprehensive K-4 curriculum integration, and a community support system to transform eating habits early in people's lives. 



the lunchbox / garden box acts as a self contained garden, introducing children to the idea of growing food. the boxes will come pre-loaded with the tools, dirt, and seeds, to grow his/her own herbs, fruit, and vegetables with the guidance of the school's faculty (using the lunchbox project's curriculum).



small details for small human hands

design considerations for the lunchbox project take into consideration the users. the outer box design, the functionality of the tools, + all details within are responsive to the needs of kids.


attempting to save the world with dan cotting |  xd