Maria A Kouninska |  Creative Director

a woman’s foot

luluemon blissfeel 

for as long as women have run, they’ve done so in shoes designed for the anatomy of men’s feet. but there’s far more nuance than simply sizing down. so, to launch the blissfeel shoe  (lululemon’s first step into footwear) we partnered with acadamy award nominated director, sophia nahili allison and dp, michael “cambio” fernandez to create a poetic ode the intracacies of a woman’s foot backed by the care and devotion put into making the first running shoe made for women, first. 

To articulate lululemon’s thoughtfulness for the female runner in motion we created a visually artful and poetic love letter to a woman’s foot.  This direction is crafted to portray the raw feeling of running in shoes that finally fit like they’re supposed to.

Alongside a talented group of artists, we set out to create a diverse world of a woman’s body, designed typography that felt alive and created a nuanced sound design that mimics the imperfect cadence and rhythm of running.

While the anthem speaks to the collective woman’s experience, we created bespoke films for each of our ambassadors. We intereviewed every woman to understand her relationship with running and her feet. Their words inspired the writing and visual elements of their vignettes, making each one deeply personal and, most importantly, true. 

“If going pro had meant training alone at age 22, I don’t think I ever would have made it.” 

- Colleen

“I’m living my purpose and using everyday as an opportunity to try and create change and help future Kadeenas to have a better chance.”

- Kadeena

“My desire is to see China’s children thriving through access to sports.”


made with lovely people at droga5

jennifer yoonbastien grisolet
marybeth ledesma, maja fernqvist
tim gordon, mike hasinoffmateo suarez

our production partners

sophia nahli allison | director
cambio / steve steng | dp
andrew morrow | editor
jerry chia | editor
alex bickel
| color     
mike howell | color

purple martin | vfx
ballad | sound design
tanya griffiths | illustrator
lisa sorgini | photographer

magda wosinska | photographer