Maria A Kouninska |  Creative Director



An introduction to what riders have known for 117 years: a motorcycle is the full-throttle antidote for the modern condtion. The hog is one of the original wellness tools.

Our anthem, directed by Elena Di Roreto, is a poetic ode to riding. With photographers Jack Davison, Magda Wosinska and Alex de Mora, we challenged the stereotypes of riders from adrenaline junkies into clarity-seeking, spiritual beings. Together, the two pieces paint a revolutionary and modern portrait of motorcycles and their culture.

D&AD Wooden Pencil 2020

alongside film, we created a new brand identity that channels all the elements of a ride on a harley: viseral motion, intimate reflection, snippets of the world, and the calm that comes with seeing things in a blur.








made with lovely people at droga5

jennifer yoon, casey rand, tom mcqueen,
george mcqueen, marybeth ledsema, dan litzow,
gemma slack, kelly appleton, bianca escobar

our production partners 

elena di roreto | director
robert lopuski | editor
damien van der cruyssen | color 

magdalena wosinska | photo
jack davison | photo
alex de mora | photo