Maria A Kouninska |  Creative Director

get dove or
get foamo

To launch a new dove body wash into a saturated market, we hit on the beauty industry’s pointed obsession with fear of missing out. 

get dove or get foamo turns the superficial idea of fomo into a playful nudge to reconsider all the care and attention we give to the skin on our face (and not the skin on the rest of our body) by introducing a premium line of body wash with face care quality ingredients.

a youthful and humanistic branding system that’s designed for a new generation of dove.

everything from the imperfect serum type, real woman casting, and evocative photography brought an element of freshness to the tried and true dove masterbrand.



 made with a small but mighty team at droga

our production partners
jenny yoon, george mcqueen, tom mcqueen, jasmne paylor, christian zerbel, caroline fahey, dagmar wong
Benjamin Madgwick 
Rikky Fernandes