emotional restraint can cause internal bleeding. 

fastpass to hell alleviates the need to hold on to the "you can go to hell" feelings towards someone who betrayed you - let them know exactly where they should be going, according to the wrong they inflicted upon you. 

ten fastpasses = nine circles of hell + centre of hell, dis

each pack comes with 20 passes. 


the guided tour of the "amusement" park that contains rides inspired by the punishment of the level.  

the fast passes allow access into the elevator that takes the sinner straight to the level they've been presented.


limbo | pew carousel 

 lust | infinite rollercoaster 

gluttony | slug dunk tank 

greed | high striker 

wrath | underwater spider ride 

heresy | burning coffin bumper cars 

violence | blood tornado slide 

fraud | looping starship 

treachery | drop tower


inspired by resentment + never having gone to Disney World. 

                             with jenny yoon | cw