since its conception, Brillo has been synonymous with deep cleaning but Brillo can no longer solely compete in the kitchen arena. the brand beckons for a repositioning in the marketplace that takes it beyond the traditional household uses. 


Brillo is not made to make your life easy, its made to do the job right. those who take pride in the process do not concern themselves with quick + easy. 



package design | steel wool packaging for those who live to work should not be flashy or complicated. the new packaging puts an emphasis on functionality and texture. there are three sizes (small, medium, and large) and three grades (1 being the finest, and 3 being the roughest.) The packaging box shows the physical reflection of the grade on the left hand side, along with the corresponding code (S1 - meaning Small, Grade 1) on the right. 


digital ads | any form of advertising that would be an interruption of the process of "doing" seemed like a contradiction to the new brand campaign. 

instead of creating an ad, we created an "anti-ad" that is a sponsored time during which whatever song one was listening to while working would play straight through the allotted ad space. 



made with

 jeff tune | xia du