Maria A Kouninska |  Creative Director



To prove that Atlassian’s collaboration software facilitates teams to do pretty much anything, we set out to solve three ubiquitous and charming problems by bringing people from all walks of life together to do the impossible. 

Our three innovative projects are a labor of love and a pure manifestation of what humanity can achieve when we work together, after all things are only impossible if you go at it alone. 

it’s impossible to hold onto your dreams forever. 

So, we brought dream scientist, AI engineers and devlopers togehter to create a tool that turns dreams into everlasting works of art.  

Dreams are a portal into our freest selves. In our dreaming state we experience possible scenarios, work out anxieties and test our physical and emotional abilities to cope with the unknown. Yet 90% of dreams are forgotten five minutes after waking. 

The Dreamkeeper is a tool that gives us an understanding of ourselves by visualizing our dreams and sharing them with others.

We partnered with dream scientists; Adam Harr and Dr. Deirdre Barrett to train an AI model through their learned experience in the field. 

The model was then connected to an ethereal and crafted online experience based in a text prompt-animation output that also gave users insights into how our dreams work and what could help them make their dreams more vivid, and thus, more memorable.

Dream Insight

Fingers, hands, clocks and written words are hard to perceive in dreams.

Carl Jung coined the term “collective unconcious.” The idea claims that from our first breath, all mankind houses a profound collection of mental concepts and inherited meanings.

The dream gallery gives us a glimpse into eachothers the minds. Maybe you’ll also find common ground with a complete stranger thousands of miles away who also keeps dreaming of shark tea parties on Mars.

it’s impossible
to make money
grow on trees. 

So we brought The Battery Park, Stripe, and tree lovers together to create a scuptural installation turns trees into tappable donation bank for park upkeep and planting.

We know the age old saying “money doesn’t grow on trees.” If it did, parks would be loaded. Instead places like The Battery Conservancy in NYC, depend on unreliable fundraising to keep historic and much needed green spaces alive.

Regardless of where you live, showing support to local parks is much harder than it should be. Our sustainable Giving Tree turns any tree into a tappable donation bank giving anyone enjoying nature the ablility to show their appreciation in the moment.

The Giving Trees is a solar-powered cutting edge installation that went up in honor of Earth Day in 2023. It’s elegant halo design is a visual manifestation of the delicate balance between nature and humanity - and how we all must strive to find it again. It’s a beacon of sustainable human-made innovation to benefit nature.

Both rings join at its central feature: an informational and tappable plaque to which people can easily tap their phones or cards to make a pre-set donation. Once someone has donated, the installation responds with a sound and LED glow pattern to signal the donation has been received.

it’s impossible
to get a catchy
tune out of
your head. 

So, we brought together psychologists, musicologists sound engineers, and artists to develop a scientifically-engineered antidote to pesky earworms, like baby sha-

Earworms are one of the most universal phenomenon humans can experience. Artists, like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, have cracked the code to creating music that haunts people for days. 

Most catchy songs have a lot of things in common; repetitive lyrics, a melodic arch, small pitch range and average tempo of 124 BPM. Thematically, they tend to stick to one specific genre and subject.

So, we partnered with earworm specialist, Dr. Jakubowski and Squeak E Clean musicologists to develop an genre-bending audio experience that unravels the key components of earworms and negates them to give listeners reprieve. 

With the talents of Laura Hodkin and Harry Bhalerao we created a fun, visual journey to accommany the track that further diverts listener’s attention from the earworm ailing them.

“Earworms reveal how we’re all connected
with the continuum of genius and madness.”

- Squeak E Clean 

made with lovely people at droga5

jennifer yoonchris colliton, kevin weir, sara smokrovic, nathan bennet, dakota brockman
ian graetzer, cameron priestley, grace wang


 our production partners

active theory | dreamkeeper 
addition / stabile diffusion | dreamkeeper 
dr. deirdre darrett | dreamkeeper
whatever inc | the giving trees
the battery nyc  | the giving trees
stripe payment systems  | the giving trees


dr. kelly jakubowski  | the earworm eraser
squeak e clean | the earworm eraser
laura jayne hodkin | the earworm eraser
harry bhalerao | the earworm eraser