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an introduction to what riders have known for 117 years: a motorcycle is the full-throttle antidote for the modern condtion. thus, making the hog one of the original wellness tools.

alongside film, we created a new brand identity that channels all the elements of a ride on a harley: viseral motion, intimate reflection, snippets of the world, and the calm that comes with seeing things in a blur.




to challenge the stereotypes of hog owners, we captured portraits of real  riders in a way to portray the heightened state of mind. 




made with droga5+

elena di roreto | director
robert lopuski | editor

magdalena wosinska | photo 
jack davison | photo
alex de mora | photo 


Everything you see on the Internet is dictated by an algorithm. You’re served the things you know and are expected to like.

On Pinterest, the unexpected finds you. The more you explore, the more you discover. The more you discover, the deeper you go. And somewhere along way you just might surprise yourself.

we also created a series of short films to introducethe multi-phaseted world of Pinterest.  

a lovely youtube
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alongside film, we created an ooh campaign that spanned from LA to New York to London. 

made with droga5+

yann demange | director
xialong liu | dp
biff butler | editor      
freya bardell | set design 
miyako bellizzi | styling


Twizzlers Candy

Chewing helps people think. So, if you’ve got a “big” thought, Chew on it with the chewiest red candy rope.

made with droga5+

adam & dave | directors
natasha braier | dp 
ryan steel | editor 

luke morrison | color

beacon | sound design

Facebook Inc.

two films for facebok to give support and encouragement to those in need during the global health crisis. 

Small businesses are the beating heart of America. If things don’t change, almost half of them could close within three months. We launched “Street Spirit” - accompanied by a Texas blues instrumental of ‘I Will Survive’,  to show that buying from Austin’s small is buying into the vibrant soul of the city.

By Mother’s Day, 2020, more than half a million babies were born under quarantine. With the help of a narrator born during a pandemic 100 years ago, Facebook wanted to show support for new mothers facing the most difficult and isolating of circumstances.

Cannes Lions Shortlist 2021 | D&AD Cinematography Shortlist 2021

made with droga5+ 

sonejuhi sinha | director
xiaolong lui | dp
martin de thurah | director 
joe gawler | color 

Dos Equis

“Keep It Interesante” is the evolution of one of the most iconic pieces of advertising that redefines what it means to be "interesting" and involves a ton of bullshit (or as we call it, “interesante”)

my favorite out of home placements 


made with droga5 +

tom kuntz | director
bradford young | dp
alaster jordon  | editor
stefan sonnenfeld | color