Maria A Kouninska |  Creative Director

find your in

Linkedin is a place where possibilities are unlocked for everyone. It’s not about who you know right now, but who you could meet and what they know that help us all go further.

To launch Linkedin’s first global brand platform “Find your in,” we created a charming, mini muisical serving as a metaphor for the billions of people on the platform.  In partnership with director-duo, Alaska, DP Pierre de Kerchove, choreographer Sherri Silver and the talented Lexi Lancaster, we turned a laundromat into a magical place to find the career path you’ve been looking for.

2024 Clio Silver Award | Best Use of Music

2024 D&AD Wood Pencil | Cinematography

 made with lovely people at droga
our production partners
“gurrilla” by remi wolf | music
alaska | director duo
pierre de kerchove | dp
sherri silver | choreography

paul watts | edit at cut + run
sophie burlap | colorist
kevin | vfx
jonny+will | puppeteers