Maria A Kouninska |  Creative Director

keep it

Dos Equis Beer

Our campaign, directed by Tom Kuntz, is the evolution of one of the most iconic pieces of advertising; “Most Interesting Man in the World.” But gone are the days where one man can claim this title without seemingly overtly dated and unabashedly pompous. 

To bring a fresh perspective to a brand of over 100 years, we had to redefine what it means to be interesting. Turns out it involves an overactive imagination and endless creativeity (or perhaps you’d call it a bit of bullshit). 

to enourage all beer drinkers to keep it interesante, we led
by example with an interesante ooh campaign that
spanned from LA, Austin, Atlanta, to NYC. 


made with droga5 +

tom kuntz | director
bradford young | dp
alaster jordon  | editor
stefan sonnenfeld | color